More Subways in San Francisco? I hope so.

Reading a recent article from Cory Weinberg, reporter at the SF Business Times, I was struck by the importance of a more modernized and updated transportation system in the city of San Francisco, especially pertaining to subways.

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As a former New Yorker, I couldn’t imagine life without a subway system. Then, I move to San Francisco and quickly found out what life was like without one. It is my opinion, but I feel as though this city could greatly benefit from a fully integrated subway system.

Obviously, there are reasons why it has been difficult to do this in the past, namely, the difficulty in structural integrity that makes digging and creating things underground. I get that. But, the subway that is currently being dug that ends in Chinatown makes no sense to me. In my opinion (I have a few of these), not connecting the new subway to the F line in the Wharf makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If we connected them we could have one large loop that could potentially bring many more people to the tourist areas as well as reduce traffic congestion. Heck, I’d likely use it too and I usually walk downtown from my home in North Beach.

I have no experience in city planning and do not pretend to. What I do know is that if we don’t take the steps to modernize this city and bring it up to date we run the risk of losing a lot of profit to help its citizens and also stay lagging in making getting around our city that much tougher as population grows. We must resist the urge to stay the “old San Francisco” and do what helps our progress in 2015 and beyond. We aren’t going to lose our “charm” by building a better way of life for our residents and visitors.

Again, this is just my opinion…

I support the efforts of those trying to make this city a better place. Please read the article to hear the full story.

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The “Boom” is coming! Are you ready?

As we reach the final stretch to this event, a quick reminder of who is speaking and why it is so important for anyone involved in the real estate business in or around the Bay Area to be there. We look forward to seeing you on Friday for this incredible panel discussion and a fun and celebratory reception at the SF Jazz Center!

The “Building Boom” series came about 2 years ago when the SFAR’s Member Education committee concluded that it was imperative that the real estate community in San Francisco and the Bay Area stayed current on what was being built, where it was being built, who the players where and how it effected us as real estate professionals as well as our clients. We asked other key organizations in our community like The Women’s Council of RealtorsCREAAAREAA, and YPN for help in creating the areas’ best event for our members and the Building Boom was born.

This session will mark our 3rd semi-annual event and it’s the greatest one yet. We have some of the areas greatest experts in real estate sales, development, city planning, economics, and the real estate press. And, for the first time, we are offering seats to those who are non-members of SFAR (San Francisco Association of Realtors) and our affiliate associations.

The event will be followed by a reception to celebrate with friends, make new connections, and discuss your ideas and thoughts about real estate in our great city.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this incredible event! Mark your calendar and Register Here to book tickets today.

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Keep an eye out for possible new construction in areas that have remained dormant over the years. Check back for details on what may appear.

Balboa Reservoir. Between Ocean Ave. and Phelan Ave.JUAN PARDO/SPECIAL TO THE S.F. EXAMINER

The Balboa Reservoir, located between Ocean Avenue and Phelan Avenue, is one area of public land that San Francisco is exploring using for housing.

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