SF Building Boom Comes to the SF Jazz Center!

I am very pleased to announce the 3rd Annual SF Building Boom Panel Discussion is coming to the SF Jazz Center on September 18th!

The “Building Boom” series came about 2 years ago when the SFAR’sMember Education committee concluded that it was imperative that the real estate community in San Francisco and the Bay Area stayed current on what was being built, where it was being built, who the players where and how it effected us as real estate professionals as well as our clients. We asked other key organizations in our community like The Women’s Council of RealtorsCREAAAREAA, and YPN for help in creating the areas’ best event for our members and the Building Boom was born.

This session will mark our 3rd annual event and it’s the greatest one yet. We have some of the areas greatest experts in real estate sales, development, city planning, economic growth, and the real estate press. And, for the first time, we are offering seats to those who are non-members of SFAR (San Francisco Association of Realtors) and our affiliate associations.

The event will be followed by a reception to celebrate with friends, make new connections, and discuss your ideas and thoughts about real estate in our great city.

Another first for us is the opportunity for sponsorship. If you have an interest in getting your real estate-related product or service in front of hundreds of real estate professionals, contact Deborah Grinnell at deborah@sfrealtors.com or by phone at 415-230-26732.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this incredible event! Mark your calendar and Register Here to book tickets today.

Contact Gabriel Rojas about buying or selling your Bay Area property at gabriel@climbsf.com or by phone at 415-562-6999.

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Is love in the cards for Google and The Shipyard?

It’s just a matter of time before this part of San Francisco is a highly flourishing area with jobs and beautiful homes. The question is who will help build it and how long will it take? Moves like the potential Google investment could really help to expedite this.


Read the full article by SF Business Times writer, Cory Weinberg:

EXCLUSIVE: Google eyes S.F.’s Hunters Point Shipyard for future office space

As always, I’m always suggesting to my more pioneering clients that this is an area to invest in. As someone who invested in areas like South Harlem in the early 2000s, I can tell you from experience that it’s always best to buy or build early than too late.

For more information about buying or selling in San Francisco and Oakland, contact Gabriel at gabriel@climbsf.com or 415-562-6999.


The 6th Street Streetscape Upgrades

Designs and Renderings for 6th Street Streetscape Upgrades Released

6th street upgrade rendering Designs and Renderings for 6th Street Streetscape Upgrades Released

The SFMTA released its proposal for redesigning Sixth Street between Market Street and Howard Street, including renderings of the upgraded SOMA streetscape. Traffic lanes would be reduced from four to two, sidewalks would be widened (making room for more landscaping and seating), and green-painted bike lanes would be added. Intersections would get raised crosswalks, extra-wide speed bumps, and textured pavement intended to reduce driving speeds.

6th street profile current Designs and Renderings for 6th Street Streetscape Upgrades Released

The SFMTA is currently soliciting input from the community, but environmental review for the development is expected to begin in January and might take 16 to 18 months. Although the project isn’t funded yet, city officials expect little difficulty given the high number of pedestrian injuries in the area.

6th street profile design Designs and Renderings for 6th Street Streetscape Upgrades Released

The city will be adding new lighting and other minor upgrades in the meantime, and has already added painted sidewalk extensions to Sixth Street with the goal of reducing the number of lanes pedestrians must cross.

For more information about how streetscape improvements will affect property values in SOMA, contact neighborhood professional Gabriel Rojas at 415.562.6999 or gabriel@climbsf.com.

5 Home Improvement Projects to Avoid in 2014

5 Home Improvement Projects to Avoid according to CAR.

It’s best to avoid over-specialized items & fixtures especially if you’re planning on listing a property in the near future. Great advice for 2014 and beyond!

5 Projects To Avoid

New Ideas for Using Idle Buildings in San Francisco

A whole new take on who and how our citizens are helping to plan out areas of San Francisco that need the help.

“Civic innovators” are coming up with new ideas for using idle buildings in San Francisco. Also called “civic hackers,” they are socially-minded citizens who want to improve their city yet work outside of develpment firms and city planning departments.

San Francisco’s Mid-Market area was a perfect target, with multiple vacant buildings lining the city’s main thoroughfare while the area is under redevelopment. Civic innovators at last year’s Creative Currency hackathon came up with ways to use this inactive space by creating an online platform to connect the building’s owners to entrepreneurial renters who could use short-term leases to jumpstart their businesses, host gallery shows, or just have fun.

“A cafe popped up at an SF Chronicle newsstand kiosk hosting a bike-repair station by Huckleberry Bicycles; an outdoor sidewalk market displayed wares from local artisans and shopkeepers; a sidewalk came alive with a mobile library in collaboration with the San Francisco Public Library; a yoga class took place in the GAFFTA office; and people let loose at a game night in the commissary kitchen at SF FoodLab. Over 500 people attended, and that stretch of Market Street felt alive. Local business owners and residents alike said they wanted to see the street charged with so much energy more often.” –Emily Eisenhart, The Bold Italic

For more information about how civic innovators’ projects could help enrich communities and increase home values in Mid-Market, the Mission District, and other neighborhoods of San Francisco, contact Gabriel Rojas at 415.562.6999 or gabriel@climbsf.com.

Photo source: Mike Kepka, The Chronicle


Follow this link to see my original post: http://www.sfnewdevelopments.com/14183/new-ideas-for-using-idle-buildings-in-san-francisco/

San Francisco’s Mid-Market. A red hot area!

Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

As previously written in my other posts, Twitter and other innovators, are very quickly helping to reinvent and invigorate the area known as Mid-Market or Central Market. This move is long overdue and is absolutely great for our city. Currently, there are over 25 new projects in the work in this area alone!

Where would I invest? Mid-Market is one of a few I’d move on quickly.