What Boomers Want

Roughly a third of our population is 50 years or older. This significant portion of our country is extremely important to our nation not only as leaders but trend setters in how we see and participate in real estate. With 59% of these folks planning on staying in their current homes and not selling, what does this mean for our inventory trends and need for new construction? Time will tell.

Please take a look at these interesting statistics on how the Boomers are leveraged in their investments, their trends when it comes to retirement plans and housing, and the idea of downsizing as they grow older.

What Boomers Want

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What’s Important to the LGBT Community? Looks like Home Ownership is…

It is no question that a large segment of our residents in San Francisco are part of the LGBT community. They are a powerful force and I am honored to call many of these fine folks my dear friends. Many of my friends are home owners or look to purchase a home in the near future.

Lets take a look at some of the items that are most important to the LGBT Community when it comes to the Real Estate conversation.

Safe neighborhoods seem to be paramount in the research. Also, having access to parks is important as many same-sex couples I know that aren’t having human children call their animals their kids. Taking dogs out to the park is fun and also a lot better than doing their “doggie business” in the street. Of course, this is probably one of many reasons why a park is important but it’s something that stands out as a very San Francisco lifestyle element.

In the “Working with a Realtor” sector, it seems obvious that folks would want to work with someone who is open and willing to work with the LGBT community. Discrimination of any kind is cause for concern and a Realtor is held to the highest standard with regard to this topic. Fewer LGBT-identified folks cared if their agent was also within this distinction which says a lot about trusting who you’re working with and holding you accountable for your level of expertise as apposed to who you sleep with.

Here’s to helping EVERYONE in their pursuit of owning a home in San Francisco and EVERYWHERE!

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How do young people perceive home ownership?

Young Renters’ Optimism to Buy.

Take a look at these stats and see the views that young people have about buying and why. It’s good to see that people are still investing in their future using real estate as a vehicle.

Young Optimism